Mattresses, Shoes and Binoculars

I had the pleasure recently of meeting a lady named Barb. She approached me as I was watching and photographing an active Osprey nest on the Southern Branch of the  Elizabeth. We struck up a conversation. I shared with her that I was with the Elizabeth River Project, that I monitor Osprey nests on the river and elsewhere, and that two nestlings were about to fledge from the nest I was watching. 'Any day now', I excitedly told her. 

King-Size Disregard

Volumes have been written about the things that we have done and continue to do to pollute--and damage--the environment. This is a prime example of that kind of behavior. This reminds me of trips I've taken to the Great Dismal Swamp. I've seen everything there from household trash and construction debris (including large chunks of sidewalk), to carpeting, truck tires, and a Sea-Doo.