The Year 2018 in Pictures

What follows are some of my favorite bird and people photographs of 2018. I’m fond of calling these “indicator photos,” or photos that indicate the importance, the health, and the vitality of a restored river: the Elizabeth River in SE Virginia. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed creating them. Each photograph can be enlarged by clicking on it.





6 thoughts on “The Year 2018 in Pictures

  1. Loved the blog. Especially enjoyed the 2018 recap. I’ve not seen much of the Elizabeth recently but I belive you really captured the character of the waterway. Thank you!


    1. Pam, The whole idea, as you stated, is to “capture the character” of the river. The river has come back to life. Thank you so very much for your comment and your kind words.


    1. Thanks, Glenn. I know that Mallards are common birds and are sometimes taken for granted, sort of like pigeons and gulls, but I think they’re wonderful photo subjects. And because they’re common, they’re not hard to find and to capture in flight. Another thing about Mallards: they’re skilled flyers and are especially noted for their ability to effortlessly shoot up out of the water and into the air.


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