Under Construction

Dear Readers,

Please bear with us as this site is under construction. You’ll note that some of our blog posts have a finished and polished look to them and some, well, not so much. But at least now, thanks to Taylor at Maverick Marketing in Virginia Beach, all 33 blog posts, most having just been imported from the Elizabeth River Project website, are here for your perusal and consideration, the problems with some of them notwithstanding.

Now, what would a bird blog page be without a photo of an actual bird? So, here’s a photo of Mr. Bufflehead, a small ordinarily black and white duck, but one that in the right light has the lovely multi-colored crown that you see here.

Male Bufflehead duck in the Elizabeth River
Male Bufflehead duck

We’ll learn more about this small duck, and how it got its name (I know you’ve often wondered about that), in the next blog, blog #34. We’ll also learn about the California Condor, a MUCH larger and rarer–and critically endangered–species. My wife, Katie, and I head out shortly to Vermilion Cliffs National Monument in AZ to join up with the folks at The Peregrine Fund (“Conserving birds of prey worldwide”), and to help with the release of captive-bred birds. Our trip will no doubt be the thrill of a lifetime. And I look forward to reporting on it here and (hopefully) sharing some great photos as well. Thanks, as always, for reading and for your support


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