Talkin’ Bird Photography

The opening section of my last blog post contained the following: In this time of troubling polarization, (and in this time where too often, emotion trumps reason), what can unite us? Clemson Professor of Wildlife Ecology Dr. J. Drew Lanham offers an answer in his 2018 Year of the Bird piece, "The United State of … Continue reading Talkin’ Bird Photography


Life and Beauty

I was taken with a recent Maryland Birding Facebook Group post—a post about a front-line Emergency Room nurse. Among her patients were those with COVID-19. One day while at work, she discovered an adult male Northern Cardinal lying on the ground just outside the ER. It had flown into a hospital window and was motionless, … Continue reading Life and Beauty

A Few Words About Birds

A recent opinion piece in The Virginian-Pilot, Virginia's largest daily newspaper, began with the words: "First of all, thank you for reading." I'd like to begin, here, the same way. First of all, thank you for reading. I mean that, sincerely. "We've mentioned the passing of Caroll Spinney and our love for Big Bird, but … Continue reading A Few Words About Birds

The Year 2018 in Pictures, Cont’d

You've seen, and have hopefully enjoyed, the bird and people photos in the previous blog, "The Year 2018 in Pictures." Now, let's take a look at the 2018 "Elizabeth River Critters List" photos as well, which feature everything from butterflies and blue crabs to dragonflies and dolphins. Please remember that each can be enlarged by … Continue reading The Year 2018 in Pictures, Cont’d

See a Plane, Thank a Bird

There's usually a "quip, question, or quote" at the end of each blog post. But this time, the quip is the title of our 29th blog. Birds' Amazing Flight Skills At the end of "Designed to Fly," the first blog in our continuing bird flight series, Glenn Butler made this comment, "Humans finally learned to … Continue reading See a Plane, Thank a Bird


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for, don't we? As a gesture of thanks, please consider giving to your favorite local charity or nonprofit on Giving Tuesday, 11/27. Consider making a donation to the Elizabeth River Project, and help it restore the Elizabeth River.

Flight School

This adult Bald Eagle shot, courtesy of Vic Laubach, who also provided the Broad-winged Hawk kettle shot in "To October," is for our U.S. military veterans, as we continue to pay tribute. As I stated in the last blog, "Thank you for all you have done to keep us safe." We'll take a closer look at Vic's flight shot in an upcoming blog.

Flying Machines

I thought, but only momentarily, about calling the new blog "Birds Soar; Skins Sore," an article headline in the 11/5 Virginian-Pilot. The article didn't appear in the "Wildlife and Nature" section. And it wasn't authored by Mary Reid Barrow. "Birds Soar; Skins Sore" was about the Atlanta Falcons defeating the Washington Redskins. A particularly sorry football game. 

Designed to Fly

In the last blog (last photo), I posted a photo of an Osprey carrying a fish. It was lunchtime on the Elizabeth. That fish, caught in the waters just off Money Point in Chesapeake, VA, that former Elizabeth River "dead zone," appeared to weigh about as much as the Osprey. Heck, it likely weighed more! Here's another picture of the same bird a few wing beats--and a few burned calories--down the flight path. One wouldn't use "down the road" there.

I Love to Tell the Story

I thought about calling this blog 'Sumer is Agoin Out,' a rewording of "Sumer is Acumen In," a famous medieval English part song, but settled on 'I Love to Tell the Story,' the name of an old Christian hymn. So why the title? Because we're going to do some more storytelling. But hold on, because we'll be jumping around a bit.